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We're delighted to hear you are considering us for your next production.

We have an inventory spanning thousands of vehicles, so we're confident our team of industry experts will be able to source an appropriate vehicle that will complement your vision.

From Emergency Vehicles, Bikes, Cars and everything else in between, we're no stranger to even the wildest request, so please get in touch with our staff to secure your next set ready vehicle at reasonable prices.

Vehicle types available

Just a brief snippet from the huge inventory of vehicles we have available.

Have a specific vehicle in mind? Contact us, and we'll worry about the rest.

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Emergency Vehicles

Police cars, Ambulances,

Fire Engines and More

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Commercial Vehicles

Lorries, Vans, machinery, and constuction vehicles.

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Everyday vehicles

Run of the mill vehicles, suitable for background shots and set dressing.

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Classic Cars

A selection of classics from the 1900's right through to the year 2000.

Supercars and Prestige Vehicles.

Everything from supercars, limo's and high ticket vehicles ready for hire.

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Distressed Vehicles

Distressed and patinaed vehicles produced by our very own art department. 

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American Vehicles

A comprehensive array of vehicles from across the pond.

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Commercial Transport

From taxis to busses. We have a wide selection of public transport vehicles.

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Miscellaneous Vehicles

The everything in-between! Custom creations and art peices.

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