Register Your Vehicle

We are privileged to work with thousands of private and commercial vehicle owners, spanning not just the length of the UK, but overseas's too!

Be it a brand new Lamborghini or a 10-year-old Vauxhall Corsa, we get requests for all sorts of motor vehicles of varying ages and conditions.

From Police Cars to Helicopters, we specialise in providing the TV and Film Industry in anything fitted with an engine.

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Earn Extra Cash...

As a business run by car enthusiasts, we know and appreciate how much time and money goes into your pride and joy, that's why we always provide the best fee possible to vehicle owners.

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Thousands of vehicle owners can't be wrong...

To date, we have an inventory spanning thousands of vehicles, meaning we're the UK's biggest Action Vehicle Hire company!

We've had the pleasure of working with some amazing people, and we only want that to continue.


There's bound to be lots of questions you have when registering your vehicle with us, that's why we've compiled a shortlist of Frequently asked questions, to put your mind at rest before you provide us with your vehicle details...

I've spent thousands of pounds on my car, is it likely to be damaged during filming?

Absolutely not, as car enthusiasts ourselves, we share just the same enthusiasm as you do for your pride and joy. We have the utmost respect for your vehicle and will always let you know exactly what will happen when during the filming process. Should the worst come to the worst (And it never has to date!) your vehicle would be covered through our own comprehensive vehicle insurance along with the insurance put in place by the production company.


I'm not too sure about leaving my vehicle unattended with people I've never met...

And rightly so! We always encourage vehicle owners down to set to oversee the filming process. It's a great opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes, meet some high-class actors and the corporate hospitality is always an added bonus!

I'm interested, my vehicles available, but unfortunately, I have other commitments...

This isn't in the slightest bit uncommon, as inherently filming tends to take place at unsociable hours when areas can be closed and cornered off to the public. In this scenario, transportation can be arranged by either one of our fully insured vehicle coordinators, or when available, we can arrange for your vehicle to be trailered directly and securely to set.

What's the production?

Unfortunately, we rarely find this out till the very last minute. This is done by the production team to prevent media attention where high profile performers are in casting roles. We will always endeavour to provide as much information as possible, such as set location, times required and what shots of your vehicle the director is hoping to get.

Have any other questions, contact our team of industry professionals and we'll be glad to answer any queries you may have!